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I just finished reading the 1991 book Mastery by George Leonard, which is another good book about developing skill, whether it's in the martial arts, or anything you wish learn. He mentions three types of students that look for easier paths, than the long journey...

Deliberate Practice

Yesterday in class I spent a lot of time talking about deliberate practice, specifically in developing the skills of striking with a rokushaku bo, but it applies to every skill within the Bujinkan, and within life itself. Previously I recommended all my students to...

Importance of Proper Structure

Because Japan is located on the ring of fire, it is plagued by earthquakes, and has been for centuries. Due to the amount of destruction and loss of lives, the Japanese investigated how to make earthquake proof buildings. What they noticed were many of the old pagodas...

The Bushido Code: The Eight Virtues of the Samurai

I had found this article very interesting, but mostly looking at #3, Benevolence. What’s really sad in this world is that many that say they have the “warrior” spirit, don’t embrace these philosophies

What’s Your Dialect?

This evening I was reading in Masaaki Hatsumi’s book Tetsuzan, about the dialect within martial arts, and how it can taint your movements, but we usually don’t recognize that we do have a dialect,

Dojo Etiquette

Mark Lithgow a long term resident in Japan recently was talking with Hatsumi Soke, and they were discussing dojo etiquette. This is very important so I’m sharing it here with you.