Shinken Taijutsu / PPM

Shinken Gata (real combat methods) was originally developed by Takamatsu Soke, and then refined by Hatsumi Soke.

In 1997, through Menkyo Kaiden, Shinken Gata was given to the Bujinkan Taka Seigi Dojo founder Phillip Legare, for the purpose to further develop it into Shinken Taijutsu, to be a relevant art in the 21st century. Phillip Legare has taught these methods to government workers and military that were stationed in potentially dangerous locations. The purpose is to teach easy concepts for many situations for a person to survive and escape, not fight back.

Personal Protective Measures (PPM) is the same training as Shinken Taijutsu, however without the martial arts sounding title. This allows non-martial artist to be able to get the same training, but without being intimidated thinking it’s a class just for martial artists, or that they have to be in the Bujinkan to attend the training.

Shinken training is incorporated into regular training, however, seminars are offered to go through the entire training. To learn more about that, go to the PPM page.