Dojo Ranking

White Belt

When you first enter our Dojo you are a White belt. This level is just to get a basic understanding of what the Bujinkan is about and also what Budo Taijutsu is. After about three months you should be ready to become a Green belt at Ku Kyu (9th rank)

Green Belt

Green belt is just the level of really getting all the basics of Budo Taijutsu. This is where the focus is “building the foundation”. Without a strong foundation your house will crumble or be unsteady. There are nine ranks within the Green belt level. We are not like other martial arts where there are colors for every rank, however some schools choose to denote certain levels by adding stars above their patch (see photo to the right).

Brown Belt

In our dojo this just shows a higher level and committed student, even though technically in Bujinkan they are Green belts. These students are showing they are dedicated and actively working towards black belt.

Black Belt

When you reach Shodan level (1st degree), you have finished with the basics and now you will be working on the traditional waza of the nine different schools of the Bujinkan, and also focusing on the inner aspects of what you have learned previously.


This is the teacher level. This is attained at Go-Dan (5th degree) after passing the Sakki test, which is a very unique test of the Bujinkan. It shows strong dedication towards training in the Bujinkan.


This is the Master teacher level, which comes at Ju-Dan (10th degree).