I have been lucky

Although a student at a different authorized Bujinkan school in the Denver area, I have been lucky to have shared a few training opportunities with White-Eagle over the past decade. Several of my most respected colleagues have spoken very highly of him prior to our first encounter at a training seminar. His movement is highly refined; exact but without losing the natural feeling of the movement. He is wise man yet very approachable. I always feel comfortable being around him.

When injured, I contacted him, and he treated me at his acupuncture clinic. He was able to completely fix the issue with my elbow in seconds.

What makes White-Eagle unique is that he possesses the spirit that allows him to learn anything, and the gentle human touch to share it with others.

Rev. Doko Christopher O’Brien

Easy-to-understand approach

As a Shidoshi (licensed teacher) within the Japanese Bujinkan organization, White-Eagle Perry is an excellent instructor of budo taijutsu (also known as ninjutsu). His experienced, easy-to-understand approach of focusing on basic body mechanics, footwork, and movement principles allows one to build a solid foundation from which to learn the more advanced teachings of this powerful combat art with confidence and skill.

Ray Helmick

I have been fortunate

Over the last several years, I have been fortunate enough to train as a student of White-Eagle at the Shiro Washi Dojo.

In my opinion, classes approach the vast amount information and techniques contained within the nine schools of the Bujinkan with integrity and sincerity. What may often be seen as difficult, mysterious or even downright ineffective comes to life with a focus on body alignment, economy of motion and power generated from relaxed purposeful movements.

The training at Shiro Washi Dojo not only teaches one how to learn and to be a good student, it also mirrors what I have experienced while studying with the Shihan at the Hombu Dojo in Japan.

Justin Harrison

Focus on Core Fundamentals

In a world where Martial Arts schools are at every corner, and those without credentials frequently present themselves as experts, really fine teaching is rare. White-Eagle not only possesses decades of experience in the Bujinkan and other Martial Arts, but he has been specifically recognized by both the Grandmaster of Ninjutsu and his colleagues for his accomplishments and teaching. White-Eagle’s focus on core fundamentals (footwork, structure, natural movements) and key principles – the backbone of any Art – provides students with a solid foundation with which to grow. Students are encouraged to take part in the dialogue with questions and comments, allowing all – regardless of rank – to participate without fear of judgment. The honest, open, and respectful approach, paired with White-Eagle’s attention to detail makes for the ultimate (and safe!) training environment.

Pascal Brody

Make Tremendous Advances in my Training

Training with Dai-Shihan White-Eagle Perry has enabled me to make tremendous advances in my training.  White-Eagle possesses a deep understanding of body mechanics that allow him to teach not only the technique itself but also all of the underlying fundamental movements and structure of the technique that are key in determining whether the technique is actually effective or not.  These are the foundational elements that actually support the Kihon Happo Bujinkan basics, so think of it as the “basics of the basics.”

White-Eagle is able to take these fundamentals through every technique and tie them together to impart a level of understanding to each and every student, regardless of where you are at in your training, that is unparalleled and leads to a natural way of moving that provides the effort-less power so often mentioned by Soke.

Bill Lynde