Personal Protective Measures (PPM)

Level 1

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Personal Protective Measures is a comprehensive form of modern combatives for defense and offense. This program focuses on the most essential fundamentals to effectively deal with the weapons and dangerous situations that you may face in today’s modern context, all the while staying within our legal framework. It is NOT a martial arts style with unrealistic moves.

,History & Development
In 1995, Phil Legare started teaching a combatives system, called Protective Measures, to military and government personnel who had to work in high threat areas. The core of the combatives program that he put together came from his actual real world combat experiences with the United States Marine Corps and other government work as well as his extensive training within the Bujinkan, USMC “LINE” close combat system, and Marine Corp Martial Arts Program. Also included were Officer Safety and Survival tactics from his experience as a Department Of Defense Special Agent and training at the FLETC, ITI, BSR, InSight, HRP, and other government sponsored training.

Between 1995-2018, more than 3,000 govt and military personnel attended my SS-200 series of courses. And even today, versions of the original courses are being taught by contractors. Numerous students that have been through this training have sent in testimonials that it has saved their lives.

In 1996, Legare asked Hatsumi-sensei (head of the Bujinkan martial arts organization) how he could certify instructors in this program so they could teach it in the future. Hatsumi-sensei stated that what Legare was really teaching was the Shinken Gata (real fighting method) of the Bujinkan, plus the Shinken Gata of military and law enforcement training. Hatsumi-sensei awarded Legare a Menkyo Kaiden (Japanese martial arts equivalent of a Ph.D.) in Shinken Gata and authorized him to teach this art however he wished, but only to people with good hearts. To honor Hatsumi-sensei and to recognize the Bujinkan as the core of this program, Legare named it Personal Protective Measures (shinken taijutsu).

In the last few years, Phil has hand picked a few potential instructors, slowly trained and certified them to teach PPM. As of 2019, we have only 29 qualified instructors. There is no short cut to being an instructor. The training is rigorous and methodical. Instructorship requires an ‘all in’ commitment. He values quality over quantity, and he is in no hurry to certify instructors.

Currently there are 2 levels of Personal Protective Measures, and another level in development.

Level I is all defensive tactics. It is divided into 8 modules plus a practical exam. The modules include:

Module 1: Fundamentals

* Survival mindset

* Awareness

* Assessing your situation

* Breathe, think, act

* Getting off the X

* Basic defensive and offensive stances, movement, and striking.

Module 2: Ground & Wall Defense

* How to survive getting knocked down

* Protect yourself while on the ground

* Protect yourself while up against a wall

* Fight your way to a safe location.

Module 3: Defense Against Grabs, Holds, and Chokes

* Escaping common attacks of being grabbed

* Escaping common attacks of being held

* Escaping common attacks of being choked

* Moving to a safe location.

Module 4: Defense Against Blunt Weapons

* Surviving being attacked with a blunt weapon, such as a baseball bat, crow bar, truncheon, and the like.

* Disarm, and incapacitate opponent

* Moving to a safe location.

Module 5: Defense Against Edged Weapons, Pre-Contact

* Surviving being attacked by edged weapons, such as a machete, fixed blade, or folding knife

* Disarm, and incapacitate opponent

* Moving to a safe location

* Builds on the previous module.

Module 6: Defense Against Edged Weapons, On-Contact

* Surviving being held at knife point

* Disarm, and incapacitate opponent

* Moving to a safe location

* Builds on Module 2.

Module 7: Defense Against Firearms

* Surviving being held at gun point

* Disarm, and incapacitate opponent

* Moving to a safe location.

* Builds on Modules 3 and 4.

Module 8: Defense Against Multiple Attackers and Improvised Weapons

* Builds on all modules.

Review and Practical Exam: Test what you have learned!

The curriculum is constantly being updated and improved as new information becomes available. This is a dynamic course that adjusts to new threats, new scenarios, and new weapons as they present themselves (the 9-11 attacks were an example of how threats, scenarios, and weapons change in modern times).

Learn more about PPM Level 2 here.

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